The highest mountain in Japan, Mt.Fuji is 3776-meter high. Mt.Fuji, which had been a sacred mountain, appeared the present form about 10,000 years ago.
More than 200,000 people climb to the top of Mt.Fuji in a year. 30% of them is forginers. Now, Mt.fuji is a mountain which the people from the world can be friendly.


    3775.63m above sea level
    Consists mainly of basaltic lava(about 50% silicon dioxide)
    temperature -18°to +8°C (monthly average)
    atmospheric pressure 630 to 650 mb
History of Mt.Fuji
    Tens of millions of years ago,
    when the archipelago of Japan was separated from the continent, FossaMagna was formed.After that,Mikasa Sanchi was formed.
    Hundreds of thousands of years ago,
    Komitake is formed by volcanic eruption.
    Tens of thousands of years ago,
    Kofuji volcano repeated eruption,coverring Komitake volcano.
    Ten and few thousands of years ago,
    Shinfuji volcano was active for along time,untill the recent form Mt.Fuji appeared.
    Since recorded histry,
    ten and few times of eruption was repeated to create form of Mt.fuji now.
    Most recent record of eruption is that of HoeiZan in 1707.
    From JR Shinjuku station(Tokyo),transfer to Fujikyuko (express)bus,get off at Kawagutiko station. From Kawagutiko,take the bus "to Fuji Gogome".
    By Car
    1.From Chuo expressway Kawaguchiko interchange,take Fuji-Subaru Line to Gogome(harfway point).
    2.From Tomei expressway Gotenba interchange,take Fuji-Skyline to ShinGogome.
    3.From Tomei expressway Fuji interchange,use NishiFuji road,then take Fuji-Skyline to ShinGogome.
Seasons for Mountain Climbing
    July 1st to August 31th
    The weather is stable,and there is no snow at the mountaintop. Many mountain huts are open,so most Japanese climb in this season. However,depending on the year,the mountain trail may be partly closed in early July,because of snow near the summit.
    Late July to mid August
    The weather is especially stable,so a crowd of climbers appear every year. However,there may be a regulation on cars in mid August.Restrictions may be seen in some roads. In that case,use a near by parking area and take a shuttle bus.
    Late August
    The weather becomes unstable.
    Before June and after September
    There may be snow at the mountaintop.The weather is too unstable for climbing,and the mountain huts are mostly closed. Equipments for winter climbing is necessary.Also,a planned script for climbing must be submitted. June is rainy season,and in September,taifoon may arrive.
  • Fuji Kyuko (infomation for bus)
  • Fuji Visitor Center(infomation for foreigners)
    Tel +81-555-72-0259
  • Tasmania track (various infomation,guide services,only by FAX)