Tasmania Track

The sea of trees named Aokigahara and the beech forest of Mt.Omuro.

History and Features

    There are some old volcano around Mt.Fuji. One of them Mt.Omuro was erupted 3,000years ago.
    100years ago ,another vlcano around the north side of Mt.fuji and east-south side of Mt.Omuro was burned,too.
    Now there are two difference forests on the wriggled track of lava and the place left from the lava.
    We offer you a visit to the precious old forests.

    This tour is not long ,butthe natural wonders are packed in tightly. and around every corner there is another surprised.
    Dence pld beech forest.impressive mountain views from Southern Alps to Mt.Fuji, an old crater,some caves,wild animals,etc.
    Small group tour designed to let you see and do more, covering all forest wildlife species in their natural environment.

    12,000yen per person includes transport,guide,lunch,insurance.
    (We can pick you up from any station, from Shizuoka to Fuji.)
Booking and Infomation
    Tasmanian Track
    2-3-15 mabuchi Shizuoka-shi
    Shizuoka Japan
    Tel/Fax 054 281 4823